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Audio Wireless AW P48U

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Audio Wireless P48U V2 Universal In-Line Wireless Boom Power Supply

An essential accessory in every sound bag, AW-P48U in-line power supply is custom designed to eliminate conventional powering of condenser boom microphones.

The AW-P48U is designed to solve today’s challenges faced by sound recordist to capture the best sound without any colouring. The design is in a light but robust aluminium machined cylinder with integrated battery compartment and uses an internal single AA battery to generate regulated 48Vdc at up to 10mA required by the microphone.

The in-line adaptor is terminated by XLR female connector (at the input) and the output is terminated by mini XLR-3 male connector to suit any wireless transmitter.

Product features:

  • Ideal for wireless boom work
  • Delivers a true 48V from one AA battery
  • Uses high quality input transformer
  • Integrated ON/OFF switch with Low Battery LED Indicator
  • Robust, light-weight aluminium machined tube with integrated battery compartment
  • Suitable with any wireless transmitters


This custom design employs a step-up balanced transformer, which offers advantages such as outstanding noise immunity, higher sensitivity and longer cable drive.

The transformer increases sensitivity of the microphone output when used with wireless transmitters, this translates setting transmitter audio gain at lower levels, achieving much better signal to noise ratio.

The balanced transformer input design yields a higher common mode rejection ratio when compared to any transformer-less electric circuit design available.


The use of standard XLR input connector together with standard mini XLR-3 male output connector makes the AW-P48U compatible with any wireless transmitter available.