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Sony DWA-F01D Digital wireless adaptor for DWX system

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SONY DWA-F01D Digital wireless adaptor for DWX system

The DWA-F01D is an expandable adaptor for digital wireless receivers, designed to fit in mixer bags for ENG / EFP applications requiring top panel operation and the option of stand-alone battery power. The DWA-F01D can be used as a two-channel digital receiver with the DWR-S01D, and as a one-channel analogue receiver with the WRR-855S.

Three-way parallel audio outputs allow sound engineers to flexibly manage everything on-site. There is XLR analogue output for use with portable audio mixers or camcorders, BNC Digital (AES3id) output for use with portable audio recorders with AES3id digital inputs or long-distance AES3id transmission, and mini-phone analogue output for use with PCM recorders and DSLRs. Simultaneous outputs enable easy, convenient and redundant work-flow, for example, using the XLR for mixing, AES3id for multi-track recording, and mini-phone for back up.

(The mini-phone jack is selectable for headphones monitoring or mic level output.)

Three-way powering allows sound engineers to adapt to any situation on-site. Choose an optional InfoLITHIUM L battery for stand-alone use. Choose Hirose 4-pin DC input for camera-mount operation, with DC supplied from a camera battery. For mixer-bag use with battery systems, centralized management can be achieved using the Hirose 4-pin or BP jack. For AC powering, you can use an InfoLITHIUM battery charger as an AC adapter, or use a conventional AC adaptor with the BP jack.