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Sony DWR-S02DN Digital Wireless 2-Channel Receiver

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Sony DWR-S02DN Digital Wireless 2-Channel Receiver


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Sony’s DWR-S02DN receiver is the latest addition to their DWX-N range of professional digital wireless solutions. Ideal for a range of applications including live concert, theatre, opera, broadcast studio, ENG, field production and sound recording, it offers a totally digital wireless microphone platform. The DWR-S02DN combines advanced digital technologies and audio codecs, analogue microphone expertise, wireless audio transmission technologies, and an enviable reputation for stability.

MODE1 for compatibility with older DWX series applications, MODE2 with higher quality sound and incredibly low latency ideal for theatre, tour and broadcast applications, and MODE3 with more reliable RF transmission ideal for speech applications and where long distances might come into play.

The DWR-S02DN’s MODE2 codec provides higher quality sound with a 96kHz sampling rate and very low audio latency of 1.5 msec. MODE3 operation employs a codec which is optimised for reliable transmission by preventing drop out by interference with additional error correction.

MODE1 operation provides the same high quality, reliability and audio latency as the previous “DWX series” version.