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Sony DWT-B01N Digital Wireless Body-pack Transmitter

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Sony DWT-B01N Digital Wireless Body-pack Transmitter

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The Sony DWX N series digital wireless system, which consists of the DWT-B01N body-pack transmitter, DWM-02N microphone and DWR-R02DN receiver, delivers superb-quality wireless transmission of 24-bit digital audio. Thanks to its improved codec and new hardware, it can provide higher sound quality with lower audio latency, up to 24Bit/96kHz.

The DWX N series works with Sony control software Wireless Studio 4.2 or later for PC and Wireless Studio Mobile for smartphones* to give users flexible control of the system. Remote control of up to 82 transmitters can be achieved using the Cross Remote™ function combined with the RMU-01 remote control unit.

NOTE: This model is available in multiple versions to support the widest possible range of operating frequencies. Please refer to product specifications for more information.

The DWX N series boasts three Sony codec modes designed for wide variety of applications:

MODE1 for compatibility with DWX series applications
MODE2 with higher quality sound and low latency ideal for theatre, tour and broadcast applications
MODE3 with more reliable RF transmission ideal for speech applications.

MODE2 provides higher quality sound with a 96kHz sampling rate and very low audio latency of 1.5 msec**.

MODE3 operation optimised for reliable transmission by preventing drop out by interference with additional error correction

MODE1 operation provides the same high quality, reliability and audio latency as the previous DWX series version.

Wireless Studio Mobile software gives users remote control of the DWX N series system via a smartphone.


* Wireless Studio Mobile supported OS: iOS Ver.8.0 or later and Android Ver.4.1 or later. Operation is not guaranteed on all smartphones.
**Analogue out, 2.5 msec for digital out