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Rycote HC-22 Shotgun Microphone

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Rycote HC-22 Shotgun Microphone

The HC-22 is a high-quality hypercardioid shotgun microphone (22cm Long Directional Mono Mic w/ 3-pin XLR Connection) designed for a wide range of applications in cinema, TV, ENG, live broadcast, sound design, studio and field recording. This mic offers performance equal to or better than many of the more expensive professional microphones, while also offering a self-noise level lower than almost any equivalent sized shotgun mic at any price.

The HC-22 combines a highly directional polar pattern with extremely low self-noise. This provides solid off-axis rejection and isolation with a precise sound quality to match, making the HC-22 a great all around mic for recording environments which may require a more focused recoding appraoch.

This microphone reproduces an accurate reflection of what is being recorded. The mic offers a crisp sound with some additional warmth. How warm will vary ear-to-ear but the mics are somewhere in the middle — not quite as warm as a really warm mic and far from sounding sterile.

  • Capsule
         – Professional broadcast quality and individually fine-tuned back electret capsule.
  • Preamp
         – Compact design
         – Ultra low noise circuitry
         – Sophisticated RF Shielding
         – Low power consumption
  • Connector
         – Gold-plated Neutrik XLR connector
  • RF Protection
         – Active in-line filtering
         – Low power consumption
  • Materials
         – Preamp made from non-corrosive machined brass – low impedence to ensure best possible and longest lasting RF shielding
         – Capsule/interference tube made from lightweight machined aluminium
         – Weight balanced to help keep center of gravity further back to provide improved handling when using Rycote Lyre shock mounts and wind protection
  • Medium Length Shotgun Mic
  • More directional
  • More side rejection

  • Use for live broadcast (sports)
  • Use for booming dialogue from further away (medium & wide shots)
  • Use for noisy news gathering
  • Use for special FX sound recording
  • Perfect for all-around multi-purpose mic