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Rycote INV-Lite 21 Slip-on Windshield

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SKU: RY-031104
REF: 31104
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INV-Lite 21 Slip-on (031104)

This range of non-modular windshields, based upon the Rycote wind-noise reduction system, is for use with shotgun and rifle microphones as used by film and TV professionals.

Unlike the familiar Rycote Modular Windshields, these designs slip onto the body of the microphone and may be used alone on handheld or camera mounted microphones or together with Softie Lyre Mounts, a universally sized shock-mount for microphones. See Rycote Microphone Suspensions – Softie Lyre Mount below, for details.

Softie Windshield and Lyre Mount Suspension Kit
Available separately or together in a kit with a Softie Lyre Mount Suspension on a pistol-grip handle, these systems provide a quick, simple, robust and cost-effective solution for modern day ENG and location recording environments.

Softie Windshield
The Softie windshield is a ‘slip-on’ design, consisting of an open-cell acoustic foam base fitted with an integral synthetic fur (25mm) fabric cover. A robust and practical windshield, 70mm in diameter, it performs as well as a standard Rycote windshield (without Windjammer). Both the acoustic foam and synthetic fur are made from materials which are specially designed and manufactured for the purpose, which offer up to 36dB of wind-noise reduction without any adverse effect on high frequency. In addition the foam is not susceptible to UV or moisture damage, giving this product great longevity. The Softie provides a fast, flexible solution for ENG on-camera microphones. (See Camera Mounted Softies below, where there is a reference table for Softies).

The system is available as either fixed 19mm (031103) or 21mm (031104) microphone diameters, or to suit two nominal microphone diameters; a standard hole fits 19-22mm and a large hole fits 24-25mm. Each of these are offered in various internal depths. It is essential for correct operation that the Softie front section covers all the slots along the length of the microphone. The price lines below show the length of the internal hole, not the overall length, so that a suitable model can be chosen to suit a particular microphone. The following table shows compatibility with a range of microphones. If a microphone is not listed here, please check with Technical Support, as a Softie is probably available for it.