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Lectrosonics M2R Receiver

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Lectrosonics M2R Receiver

The Lectrosonics M2R Digital IEM Receiver employs advanced antenna diversity switching during digital packet headers for seamless audio. The receiver covers the UHF frequencies of 470 – 608 MHz in a single range and uses digital modulation. The 24-bit digital audio stream guarantees high resolution sound quality with wide dynamic range, low noise floor, and solid stereo image.

The headphone jack is fed from a high-quality stereo amplifier with 250 mW available to drive headphones or earphones to sufficient levels for stage performance or other noisy environments. The receiver can select from stereo, mono from left channel only, or mono from right channel only, giving the unit flexibility in terms of the application. An intuitive mixing interface and high resolution, color LCD on the belt pack receiver provide performing artists and monitor engineers alike with a comfortable and confident user experience. The M2R’s housings and panels are machined aluminum with Ebni finishes with laser etched marking for durability, yet it is lightweight and sleek in order to be comfortable on the artist’s body. The M2R runs for over 4 hours on two alkaline AA batteries.

The receiver employs 2-way IR sync, so scan data from the receiver can be sent to a transmitter and thus onto the Ethernet network for use by Wireless Designer software for frequency planning and coordination purposes. Additionally, the M2R includes a FlexList mode, where a number of names and associated frequencies can be stored. This feature benefits a monitor engineer by enabling quick finding and listening to any of the performers’ mixes on the stage. A high density, back-lit, color LCD allows for a wide range of menu options, including precise limiter settings, using detailed graphics.

  • IEM (Wireless Monitor) receiver with digital RF
  • 24-bit digital audio
  • IR (infrared) port for fast setup
  • High resolution, color LCD
  • Stereo or mono operation
  • Low latency of 1.4 ms with analog inputs