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Ursa Straps Maskies

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URSA Maskies Strain Relief Strap For Face Masks

Strain Relief for your Ears.

Our Soft, Light, Stretchy fabric sits comfortably around the back of the head and holds the ear loops together without placing any strain on the back of your ears.

By creating space around the ears Maskies reduce ear strain when wearing masks all day at work or when wearing masks with headphones & radio earpieces.

Maskies are adjustable and can help to tighten up loose fitting masks so they stay more securely in place. Utilising a strong low profile velcro which is delicate to the touch.

Maskies also allow you to hang your mask loosely around your neck without it touching your skin. This means you can take a quick drink before bringing the mask safely back up into position touching only the neck loops.

The Maskie can keep you face mask secure in multiple ways – worn over your ears, under your ears over even stretched over the top of your head.

Available in Black.



  • Soft, Stretchy, Breathable fabric.
  • Takes up the slack of a loose fitting mask.
  • Allows the face mask to hang loosely around the neck.
  • Ultra light weight at only 2.9 grams.
  • Can be worn in multiple ways (over the head, under/over hair or under the ears).
  • Adjustable using delicate Low-Profile Velcro.
  • Avoids ear loops from catching on earrings.
  • Can be worn with Headphones & Earpieces.
  • Works with all masks using ear loops.
  • Machine Washable at 30-40 degrees. Re-useable.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.

Dimensions: 260mm x 1mm x 30mm