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Wisycom MTP60 Double Battery Transmitter

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Wisycom MTP60 Double Battery Dual-Band Transmitter

The Wisycom MTP60 Double Battery Beltpack Transmitter is an extremely small and lightweight pocket transmitter with an embedded recorder specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.

Advanced linear technology eliminates intermodulation distortion for more robust signals, extended range, and the ability to operate several transmitters within close proximity to each other. The combination of Narrowband and Linear transmitters allow you to tune every 200kHz and the reduced RX bandwidth gives a 3dB uplift in sensitivity.

The MTP60 has wideband RF technology to provide the widest switching bandwidth available. Its Dual-Band function gives up to 362MHz of bandwidth, allowing both UHF and DME bands in a single unit


New ergonomic design with rounded edges, for more comfortable wear in theatre productions, movies and other applications requiring discreet placement.
Quick setup with 4 quick setup buttons
Can transmit and record at the same time in Europe and the UK
8h battery life on AAs or 10h on the Lithium battery pack (at 50mW)
New ENS mode for ultimate sound quality and compatibility with the MPR50
Max input level 26dBu (15.5 V) for clip-resistant audio when connecting to mixers or instruments
Extremely tough “Gorilla Glass” OLED display, Scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable
A dual-stage of low noise ADC converts the audio signal in the digital domain with a very high dynamic range (>120dB)
48V phantom power available for a wired mic with PHA48 and PHA60 accessory (optional)
USB-C and Infrared interface for quick programming and syncing
Powering: 2 x AA battery or KLIC8000 lithium (5.6 Wh)
The MTP60 enables Bluetooth 5 long range class 1 with an external antenna for remote control over long distances with Wisycom Manager. A phone app to control the MPT60 remotely is coming soon.
For more information, please see the Wisycom website HERE

UK Delivery Only

Please note – The EUX band is 470-832 MHz only