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Neopax SM220w Thigh White

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REF: SM220w
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Neopax – SM Thigh White (SM220w) – Clearance

NeoPax wireless transmitter belts come in 3 pouch sizes to accommodate various transmitters models and those of similar size.  They are considered by many to be the most comfortable wireless transmitter holders currently on the market.

NOTE: This clearance product may be slightly discoloured. Please call before purchasing if this is of concern.


STANDARD (pouch dimensions 3.25’w 3.75"h or 82mm x 95mm)

Lectrosonics LM, UM100, 200c, 250c, 400a, 450
Zaxcom TRX-900aa & ZFR-100
Sony DWT B01
Audio Technica AEW-T1000A, T310b & T1801c
Sennheiser SK2000 & 100
Shure Body Packs (these will be a bit taller than the pouch)


SM (pouch dimensions – 2.5"w X 3.25"h or 63mm x 82mm)

Lectrosonics single battery SM & MM400c.


DB (pouch dimensions – 3.0"w X 3.0"h or 76mm x 76mm)

Lectrosonics SMDa, SMQa & SMQv
Zaxcom TRX900 (LT & LTS), ZFR-200
Sennheiser 5212.


Choose any of our belts in black, white or beige, in the following lengths:

Ankle (17"), Thigh & Thigh-Hi (25"), Waist (40"), Big-Boy (60"), Chest belt (45")