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Deity Pocket Wireless – White

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Deity Pocket Wireless – White

Pocket Wireless is the newest wireless offering from Deity Microphones – a compact wireless microphone kit capable of natively working with both cameras and smartphones. We developed Pocket Wireless to have the ergonomics that modern content creators and videographers have come to expect from micro wireless systems.

What makes Pocket Wireless Different?

1) Range: While other brands use 4mW Bluetooth 5.0 chips, we utilize a proprietary 25mW protocol to createthe Pocket Wireless’ digital RF signal. We tested to make sure it offers reliable signal strength even when talent blocks the transmitter’s line of sight to the receiver.

2) Plug and Go: Our TRRS cable automatically adapts itself to work with any 3.5mm audio input you plug itinto. It will work with every DSLR, video camera, or audio recorder on the market.

3) Wireless USB Microphone: The Pocket Wireless receiver can be plugged into the USB port on your laptop,PC, or even your phone and work like a USB microphone with the transmitter’s built-in mic or the included lavalier. Working or teaching classes from home via apps like Zoom has never been so freeing. Now you can do presentations and still capture crisp clean audio as if you were right in front of your laptop.

4)Ready Out-of-the-Box: Pocket Wireless ships with everything you need to get the job done. Customers don’t have to worry about coming back to your store and having to track down some rare accessory to get it to work. Every accessory needed to capture great audio ships all in one box.


  • Dual-Function Clips: both the transmitter andreceiver feature clips that act as belt clips and coldshoe mounts
  • 25mW transmitter with one-button pairing•Wirelessly compatible with the entire Deity Connectecosystem
  • USB-C connection for phones, laptops, PCs and Mac
  • TRRS connection for phones, cameras, videocameras and audio recorders•OLED Display – battery life, audio levels, signalstrength, audio gain, recording status (when pairedto the Deity HD-TX, not included
  • OLED Display rotates to accommodate differentmounting options
  • Includes: transmitter, receiver, USB-C cable, TRRScable, lav microphone, fur windshield, rigid carryingcase

What’s in the box?

1x Transmitter
1x Reciever
1x USB-C Cable
1x TRRS Cable
1x Lav Microphone,
1x Fur Windshield
1x Rigid Carrying Case