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PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack Single Band

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RF Six Pack Single Band

PSC is pleased to announce that our revised RF Six Packs are now shipping. These two new versions of our industry standard RF Six Pack allow operation with today’s new legal frequency blocks. The “Single Band” model operates from 470Mhz to 700Mhz and the “Dual Band” model operates from 470Mhz to 618Mhz and also from 940Mhz to 960Mhz (LectrosonicsTM 941 Block) Powered by Aaton. We are pleased to announce that the Aaton Company has developed a special interface PCB for use inside our PSC RF Six Packs. This optional interface PCB can be factory installed inside new units. This interface allows the RF Six Pack to “talk” to the Cantar and Cantar Mini Recorders. The interface will allow Cantar users to view RF performance of their slot receivers as well as RF scanning functions, transmitter battery level, receiver frequency settings and more.


Optional Aaton Digital Interface:

The Aaton Company of France has created a digital interface board for use inside the PSC RF Six Pack. This optional PCB can be factory installed by PSC in new units. It allows the PSC RF Six Pack to directly interface to the Aaton Cantar and Cantar Mini recorders. The interface option allows Cantar users to directly view information about their wireless on the Cantar screen. This information includes: RF Frequency Scanning, RF Receiver Frequency Selection, RF Signal Strength, Transmitter battery levels and more. The interface adds a USB connector to the right-hand side panel of the PSC RF Six Pack for use in connection to the Cantar and Cantar Mini recorders.

Please note that PSC is only installing this Aaton Interface as an option on new RF Six Packs. Existing PSC RF Six Packs (version 2 only) can be upgraded through participating Aaton Dealers world-wide.


If you require the dual-band unit or the Aaton interface please contact us for price and availability.