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Radius Foam Windshields for Shotgun mics – ME66 K6

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Radius’ Shotgun microphone foam windshields also come in one of the following sizes:

  • 10cm STD hole
  • 12cm STD hole
  • 15cm STD hole
  • 18cm STD hole
  • MKH50
  • MKH60
  • ME66 K6

Made from high-quality acoustic foam designed to prevent plosives, boom swings swooshes and other light wind noise, whilst not interfering with high frequency audio capture. These are not cheap mic foams that turn to dust in your fingers and fade away fast. Radius foams are made in the United Kingdom using a semi-open cell material that is also resistant to UV and moisture. For shotgun microphones, the tapered foam is wider in the back to provide more side wind protection around the capsule and narrows toward the front to provide protection around the interference tube whilst allowing maximum acoustic transparency.