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Bubblebee Sidekick 3 Curly Mono IFB In-Ear Monitor

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The Sidekick 3 Mono Curly IFB In-Ear Monitor

The ultimate communications IFB ear-piece for comfort and speech intelligibility. The Bubblebee Sidekick 3 In-Ear IFB Monitor is a virtually invisible IFB cuing & communications earpiece designed to deliver a superior experience in invisibility, comfort and sound intelligibility, featuring the most advanced driver technology ever in such a small earpiece. The durable and resilient driver has been tested with up to 3 x higher tolerances than previous versions.

The Most Advanced in-Ear Monitor Around
The Sidekick 3 features a brand new driver offering increased performance while maintaining a high level of comfort for the wearer. This newly designed driver boasts an enhanced frequency response, allowing the user to hear cues and communications with greater clarity and definition, without the need for ‘traditional’, sometimes cumbersome, earpieces. A slightly lower impedance driver allows the user greater control of levels and can also be used with lower output devices, such as mobile
phones, more effectively



Invisible: The Sidekick 3 driver unit is so small that it is not visible when worn in the ear. It fits inside the ear canal.

New Cable Loop: Our unique cable loop guides the cable behind the ear, so that it is also hidden from sight, making The Sidekick virtually invisible when worn. You can now use the earpiece in either the left or right ear, your choice.

Choose Your own Cable: Available in Mono (Curly Cable), Mono (Straight Cable) or Stereo to suit your needs.

Discreet: The super low profile of The Sidekick 3 cable is 44% thinner than the first generation cable, with a diameter of only 33μm. The colour neutral cable easily blends into almost any background without being noticed on camera.

Level up your Audio: The newly designed driver boasts an extended frequency response, allowing the user to hear a more rounded, higher quality of audio. It’s tough and resilient, tested with up to 3 x higher tolerances than previous Sidekick versions.

Versitile Volume Control: A lower impedance driver allows the user a greater range of volume control and can comfortably be used with a lower output device such as directly plugged into a mobile phone.

Sonically Transparent: The "Satellite" eartip allows you to hear your surroundings like normal while having crystal-clear cues and comms.

High Quality Round Sound: The “Round” eartip provides you with an increase in frequency definition in the lower frequencies, for a much more rounded sound.

Adapt To Your Enviroment: The Sidekick 3 features three different types of eartips, allowing the user to adapt the varying level of external ambience; The Satellite (high ambience), The Christmas Tree (low ambience) and The Round (increased frequency definition).

Increased Comfort: Wear your Sidekick 3 for 20 hours straight with no fatigue. It weights just 360 milligrams excluding the cable. The Sidekick 3 cable is 50% lighter than it’s predecessors, allowing for a virtually fatiguefree experience.

Tough & Durable: Using kevlar-reinforced cables, The Sidekick 3 is one piece from termination to driver and is made to last. The eartips are easy to clean and the driver’s filter is easily replaceable.

Universal Connection: TRS minijack connector means compatibility with any wireless receiver, accessory or phone.

Made In Denmark: Manufactured in Denmark with quality and comfort in mind by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

Improved Micro-Driver Technology: The Sidekick 3 features our best ever micro speaker driver solution, where the entire driver fits comfortably in the ear. This eliminates the need for acoustic tubes, resulting in practically invisible, crystal-clear cues, even in noisy environments. With its extremely small and lightweight footprint, The Sidekick 3 is an excellent alternative to earwigs and acoustic tubes, able to be worn for up to 20-hour shifts with virtually no fatigue to the wearer.

Increaded Invisibility: The Sidekick 3 is one piece from connector to driver, with our new lower-profile, colour neutral cable for an even more comfortable and discreet experience. Viewers won’t see the Sidekick is being worn, and it’s so light, the wearer may even forget that it’s in their ear.

It is recommended to set your audio output device to the lowest volume before connecting The
Sidekick 3 to avoid damage to your ears and the driver.


What’s Included?

1 x The Sidekick 3 In-Ear IFB Monitor – Mono (Curly or Straight, as selected)
1 x Protective Carry Case
1 x The Satellite Eartip for full ambience
1 x The Christmas Tree Eartip for high isolation
2 x The Round Eartip for increased frequency definition
1 x The Gator clothing clip
2 x The Sidekick Filter replacement tool