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Rycote Stickies 23mm Roll of 500

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SKU: RY-065567
REF: 65567
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23mm Roll of 500 Stickies

Rycote 065567 Stickies (23mm), Roll of 500 Lavalier Adhesive Pads. ‘Stickies’ are our double-sided adhesive pads, used to affix small, personal microphones directly onto the skin or on the top of clothing. Stickies are designed to remain secure when attached to a dry surface and are intended to be discarded after use.
Having the Stickies on a roll helps with portability and accessibility, ensuring that these can be kept ‘on-hand’ for whenever you may need them.

With a 23mm circular diameter, the Stickies provided on the roll are slightly larger than those we currently offer on sheets. This also makes them compatible with some larger personal/lavalier microphones. The 23mm diameter Stickies are also suitable for use with the popular ‘concealers’.