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K-Tek Stingray Tension Straps (Set of 2)

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Stingray Tension Straps (Set of 2)

The Stingray Tension Straps are a convenient way to attach larger items to MOLLE straps. A locking clip on one end semi-permanently attaches to a MOLLE strip, while the adjustable end slides into another strips and locks under tension.

Perfect for attaching the Stingray Harness to MOLLE straps like on the Stingray Backpack or Stingray Mixer bags.
Stingray Tension Straps come in a set of two.


Key Features:

  • Works with all MOLLE Straps
  • Easy to attached additional gear to MOLLE
  • Fast, easy and secure
  • Attach the Stingray Harness to the Stingray Backpack or Mixer Bags