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Bubblebee TL03 – 2x 40 mm Off-White Windshields

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BBI-L03 Off-White 40 mm (Twin Pack)

The BBI-L03 is designed to minimise atmospheric interference when recording in difficult conditions like the outdoors. As well as giving incredible wind protection and transparency, the Bubblebee BBI-L03 is designed to stay firmly in place – one of the most important aspects of a microphone windshield.

The BBI-L03 consists of an outer shell of the finest imitation fur, with an inner core of nothing. Yes – pure air. This means that air enters the Windbubble for a short visit, finds it rather dull, and leaves again without harming the microphone hidden inside. All Bubblebee Windbubbles are created to be mounted quickly and easily on their respective mic types, and to remain firmly in place while in use. The BBI-L03 has diameter of 40mm.

The Bubblebee BBI-L03 Windbubble will fit microphones with a diameter of 5 – 9 mm:, including the Sanken COS-11 (with metal windscreen), Countryman EMW, DPA: d:screet 4060 / 4061 (with metal windscreen) & DPA d:screet 4071, Sennheiser MKE 2 (without MZW 2 windshield).

This product is suitabe for microphones with a diameter of 5.0 – 9.0 mm