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Consumables Generic True Tape Supertape (3 yard)

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True Tape Supertape

Truetape Supertape is arguably the longest lasting double sided tape in the hair system enhancement industry.

Supertape Low-Profile is safe for use on any base material and can provide up to 30 day hold so is ideal for extended wear use. It does not break down easily so there is no nasty residue when removed. Any residual adhesive can be easily removed with adhesive remover.

This is a low profile tape which works in exactly the same way as the traditional Supertape.  It gives the same amazing adhesion but has a thinner feel to it making it more comfortable and lighter to wear – you will not be disappointed! It can be extended all the way to the edge of the lace without being detectable.
This tape grabs with some real strength. Formulated to prevent meltdown – nothing can be easier to use or as clean and neat as Supertape.