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Rycote Undercovers 100 Pieces – White

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SKU: RY-065106
REF: 65106
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Undercovers White (100 Pieces) – 065106

Undercovers, Overcovers and Stickies are Rycote’s elegant solution to mounting personal microphones both under and over clothing. They are a universal product, suitable for most modern sub-miniature microphones, and offer a different method of mounting from the traditional micro spring clamp.

These products allow microphones to be ‘stuck’ in precisely the right position for optimum pick-up. A pre-cut pad is peeled off the backing paper, positioned, then the microphone is pressed onto the pad. For hidden use, an Undercover soft fabric pad is added over the capsule to let clothing glide over and minimise rustling. Out in the open, Undercovers will give some wind-noise reduction or a fur Overcover can be used to deal with stronger gusts. On walls, tables, musical instruments and car dashboards, the plain Stickie can be used on its own.

The adhesives used are safe on skin and won’t mark clothing, and they don’t turn to a rubbery goo that seals the grids of delicate microphones either. The pads are specially made so that they don’t squeak or creak (a drawback of off-the-shelf foam pads) and, as disposable items, there are no hygiene queries. With no pins and clips involved, nobody will get heated about pulled threads on designer T-shirts and damage to expensive suits. The pads will hold almost any miniature microphone securely, both the flat and cylindrical body types, and are very discreet with a low and smooth profile under clothing.