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Ursa Straps URSA Mini Mount Stickies – 90 Pack

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SKU: U-MM-90-S
REF: U-MM-90-S
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URSA Mini Mount Stickies (90 Pieces)

Introducing the brand new URSA Mini Mount Stickies! These slim, smooth, low profile mounts can help you rig LAV mics where larger mounts simply cannot go. This pack of stickies is specifically designed for the Mini Mount. Works with all three different models.

URSA MiniMount Stickies are specifically designed to fit MiniMounts, they measure 22x11mm and have easy peel-off tabs on both sides. Made from a very sticky hypoallergenic tape which is safe on skin and they won’t leave residue on costumes.

Save time cutting your own stickies!




  • Small, thin and low profile as possible
  • Makes it easy to rig lav mics up in awkward places
  • Mounts designed with an extremely smooth finish to minimize clothing noise
  • Comes in a pack of 30
  • Designed to fit the MiniMounts for the DPA 4060, DPA 4071 and Sanken COS11.


With concealment in mind, the design of the MiniMount makes for excellent flexibility. Due to the thin profile of the mount, it can be placed in a number of convenient, and previously unusable places. For example, behind the button on a shirt or on the back of a zip of a hoodie. Suitable for adding wind protection solutions with Rycote’s Sticky O’s.



MiniMount Stickies Dimensions: 11 x 22 mm