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Ursa Straps URSA Strap Pouch Protector Beige

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SKU: U-PP-beige
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URSA Strap Pouch Protectors Beige

We discovered an ultra-low profile velcro to use on our Pouch Protectors. This benefits you by keeping the profile of the pack to a minimum against the costume while also providing 100% security for your transmitter inside the pouch. Its really soft against skin too!

We recommend using Pouch Protectors on Thigh Straps if you place your transmitter upside down. We also recommend using them if you use Audio Ltd Mini Transmitters – which are very slim and can come loose from our pouches if pulled upwards. They are generally recommended if you are doing scenes which involve a lot of extreme movement – like dance.

Each Pack contains 4 protectors.