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Bubblebee Windkiller L

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Windkiller L

The Bubblebee Industries Windkiller L provides the best possible wind-protection for large shotgun microphones like the Røde NTG-1 or Schoeps Super CMIT 5. Its design rests on extensive real-world tests and knowledge of materials, shape and fit, to ensure superior performance in windy conditions while retaining the frequency response and sensitivity of the camera mic.

The Bubblebee Windkiller L (large) is constructed using a special fur surrounding a moulded foam housing, removing the effects of wind on the shotgun microphone capsule while allowing the mic to function with specifications largely unaffected. Get clean and crystal clear audio from otherwise difficult outdoor recording situations.

The Bubblebee BBI-WK-L is made for use with mics with a diameter of 18-24mm and will cover a length of 155mm. See compatible mics in specification tab.